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Members of CEFCU who already have an online account may access their designated service area by going to the secured homepage, entering their ‘Login ID’ in the login form on the right side of the page, and clicking on the green arrow button. Users must login using their unique ID in order to access the following services:

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  • Consumer account
  • Business account
  • Online trading
  • Trust portfolio
  • Rewards

After selecting which service to access, users must enter their ‘Login ID’ into the field, as seen in the following image:

Mobile Login

CEFCU Financial offers mobile banking services to registered personal and consumer accounts to login via their Mobile WebPage. In order to access service areas via a mobile device, users must enter their ‘Login ID’ in the login form on the homepage, and then click on the green arrow to be taken to a secured password page. Mobile banking offers the following services:

  • Mobile bill pay
  • Account transfers
  • Balance checks
  • Account activity overviews
  • Branch and ATM locators (both exclusive and shared)


Mobile Applications 

Note: CEFCU applications do not currently have Android-device capability, but users can still access their online accounts by simply going to CEFCU’s website via a mobile browsing application such as Google Chrome.


cefcu-online-banking-screenshot-1 cefcu-online-banking-screenshot-2 cefcu-online-banking-screenshot-3
cefcu-online-banking-screenshot-4 cefcu-online-banking-screenshot-5


Enroll on online banking by going to This WebPage and enter your Account Number, Social Security Number (SSN), and Date of Birth. Afterwards you will be able to create a Username and Password for future logins.


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