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CEFCU auto loan calculators are just one example of the numerous financial calculators offered by CEFCU. Individuals should use these calculators in order to gain a more thorough overview of the various vehicle financing options available to them.

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Although individuals will have to apply online in order to receive up-to-date loan rate information, rate estimations can be viewed on CEFCU’s auto loans webpage.


How to Calculate

This calculator determines the most expensive vehicle that an individual can purchase based off of the following variables:

  • Maximum monthly payment
  • Down payment
  • Trade-in value (if applicable)
  • Term length (months or years)
  • Interest rate

Once the above fields have been filled out, users can click the ‘COMPUTE’ button to view their results.

Calculates the maximum amount that an individual can afford to lease. All of the following fields must be filled out:

  • Amount of payment

  • Lease rate (%)
  • Residual amount
  • Term length (months or years)
  • Advance payments (if applicable)

The ‘COMPUTE’ button can be clicked once the required data has been entered into the calculator.

This calculator can determine the loan term, total amount borrowed, and monthly payment estimations of an individual’s vehicle loan, based on upon a specific interest rate. In order to properly use this calculator, users should enter data into all but one of the following fields:

  • Term length (years)

  • Interest rate
  • Amount of loan
  • Balloon payment (if applicable)
  • Disability / Life insurance
  • Monthly payment

When the above fields have the appropriate data, users can click the ‘COMPUTE’ button in order to see their results.

Used to calculate how certain variables can affect various form of vehicle financing. The following fields must be filled out:

  • Purchase cost

  • Cash rebate
  • Trade-in value
  • Trade-in (amount owed)
  • Down payment amount
  • Term length (months)
  • Interest rate

The ‘COMPUTE’ button, located directly below the calculator, can be pressed once the required fields have been completed within the calculator.

Used to compare between dealer and/or manufacturer financing and special rebate offers. The following data is required:

  • CEFCU financing APR percentage
  • Manufacturer financing APR percentage
  • Term length (months)
  • Amount before finance
  • Cash rebate (if applicable)

When the appropriate data has been entered, users can click the ‘Calculate’ button in order to see their results.


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