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Capital Bank’s mortgage calculator allows users to determine an approximate monthly payment amount for a mortgage loan. Both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages are offered by Capital Bank. Click here to review Capital Bank’s mortgage loan program. More information regarding Capital Bank fixed rate mortgages can be viewed here, and adjustable rate mortgage loan information can be viewed on this page.

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Current mortgage rate estimations are available on this page. Individuals interested in obtaining more detailed information regarding Capital Bank’s mortgage loan offers and specific policies should contact a lending representative. Capital Bank’s online mortgage loan application is available here.

Note: The rates shown are estimates. Actual rates are subject to change, and will vary according to an applicant’s credit history.



How to Calculate

Use the ‘mortgage payment calculator’ to determine approximately how much the monthly payment will be on a mortgage loan. Enter the following inputs into the appropriate fields in the calculator:

  • Term length in years
  • Annual tax
  • Interest rate
  • Monthly insurance cost
  • Annual insurance cost
  • Monthly prin + int
  • Amount of loan
  • Monthly tax

Click the ‘calculate’ button at the bottom of the calculator to display the result (which will display in the field titled ‘Total Payment’).

Note: Results are estimations and should not be used as a current indicator of a user’s mortgage loan eligibility. 

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