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Bremer Bank provides account holders with a convenient online and mobile banking service that they can access from anywhere, 24/7. Users can view their balance, monitor transactions, pay bills and transfer funds. For a detailed overview of Bremer Bank’s online banking services click here.

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Online Login

Step 1 – Go to the Bremer Bank homepage and click on the toolbar on the right hand of the screen to view the online banking login form.

Step 2 - Select your account type, business or personal, and then select the online banking option.

Step 3 – You will be redirected to the online banking login page. Enter your User ID and click “Continue”.

Step 4 – You will be required to verify your ID via phone or by answering several security questions to complete the sign in process.

  • Invalid User ID – If you have forgotten your User ID, call Bremer Bank at 1-800-908-BANK (2265) to recover it.
  • Password is invalid – To recover your password, you can use the “Reset it yourself” link just below the Password field.

Mobile Apps

Bremer Bank offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS.  You can also use text/SMS to access banking services using these text banking commands.


 Bremer Bank Mobile App 1  Bremer Bank Mobile App 2  Bremer Bank Mobile App 3
 Bremer Bank Mobile App 4  Bremer Bank Mobile App 5


Mobile Site

You can access banking services using a web enabled mobile device through the Bremer Bank mobile site –

Enroll in Online Banking

Step 1 – Go to the bank’s homepage and click on the toolbar on the right.

Step 2 – Click on the “Enroll” menu

Step 3 – Select whether you want to enroll for a personal or business account. You will be redirected to the online banking enrollment page.

Bremer Bank Enroll

Step 4 – You will be required to select to enroll using a checking, savings or money market account, loan or line of credit, or a certificate of deposit. Select one and then agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Continue”.

Bremer Bank Enroll 2


Step 5 – Enter the required personal or business information, and then click “Continue”.

Bremer Bank Enroll Form


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