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BMO Harris uses routing numbers and SWIFT codes to identify specific accounts/branches when transferring funds from a BMO Harris account to another financial institution, or vice versa. ABA routing numbers are used for domestic transfers, and a SWIFT code is used for the majority of international transfers.

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Routing Number

  • 071000288 (main branch)


  • HATRUS44

Routing Number On Check

The specific routing number of an account or bank can always be located on the lower-left corner of that bank’s check (as outlined in the sample check below).

Sample Check - Where to Find Routing Number

Sample Check – Where to Find Routing Number

How to Wire Funds

BMO Harris does not currently employ an online wire transfer service. Outgoing wire transfers must be initiated from a branch location, or over the phone. When initiating an outgoing wire transfer, you will need the following details:

  • Bank name (BMO Harris)
  • ABA Routing number (or country-specific code if sending internationally)
  • Name on your bank account
  • Bank account number
  • Amount to wire
  • Reason of transfer
  • Recipient’s bank name and full address
  • Recipient’s routing number/country code (SWIFT, IBAN, etc.)
  • Full name of Recipient (as shown on their bank account)
  • Address of recipient
  • Account number of recipient
  • Any other specific details as required by the beneficiary/intermediary banks

Note: outgoing wire transfers cost $25, and the fee for international transfers is $45. BMO Harris provides their telephone wire transfer service on a strict case-by-case basis – click here for more information regarding BMO Harris’s wire transfer security protocols.

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