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The BECU bank mortgage rate calculators should be used to calculate a loan that meets your financial situation. BECU has many different online calculators that can help you with home loans, auto loans, debt consolidation, investing, and retirement planning.

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If you have specific questions as to the exact rate of a particular loan, it’s best to contact the bank directly by contacting a Financial Advisor, visiting a Bank Branch nearest you, or by telephone at 1-800-233-2328.


How to Calculate

Use the Vehicle Loan Comparison calculator, which can also be used to calculate for an RV or boat, to compare terms for down payments and monthly payments.becu-auto-calculator

Enter the following information:

  • Financing Requirements
    • Zip Code
    • Vehicle Type
    • Type of Loan
    • Price of Vehicle
    • Down Payment Amount
    • Your Credit Rating
  • Loan Options
    • After calculating your financial requirements, a list of options will outputted for you to choose from.


Input the following information:becu-budget-calculator

  • Calculate
    • Amount you need
    • Amount you have deposited
    • Amount you can save monthly
    • Months you wish to save
    • Your savings rate (%)
    • Your federal tax rate (%)
    • Your state tax rate (%)

After entering all the details, select “Get Your Results”.


Here there are two calculators to choose from, the first being a Credit Comparison Calculator and a Debt Consolidation Comparison Calculator.becu-credit-card-comparison

  • Credit Comparison Calculator
    • Initial Account Balance
      • Balance Transfer
      • Cash Advance
      • Initial Account Balance
    • Monthly Credit Card Spending
    • Pay Balance in full each month? (Yes or No)
    • Your credit rating (Excellent, Good, Fair, Low)


After entering your information, you will be brought to a page to for your debt consolidation options.









  • Savings Calculator becu-retirment-planning-calculator- Use this calculator as a way to see if your are saving enough money for your retirement.
    By entering your personal information as well as your Social Security benefits, you visualize an outlook of your financial situation when you decide to retire. Enter the following:

    • Current Age
    • Yearly Income
    • Age at Retirement
    • Monthly wages after retirement
    • For how many years
    • Social Security benefits
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