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The Barclays auto loan calculator enables users to quickly assess their auto loan budget, and also allows individuals to calculate an accurate estimation of what the interest rates and repayments will be for a specific auto loan. To learn more about the various car finance offers provided by Barclays, please click this link.

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Loan rates are dependent on a variety of factors, interested individuals can review Barclays auto loan rates as well as additional vehicle financing details, here. Current customers and members of Barclays can apply for auto financing online (click the ‘Resume your online application’ tab), or at a branch location. For answers to specific concerns or questions, please get in touch with a customer service representative.


How to Calculate

This calculator can be used to provide an individual with a short overview of their current auto loan budget, as well interest rate and repayment amounts. The following inputs should be entered into the appropriate fields:

(Note: A screenshot of this calculator can be viewed to the right)

  • Total worth of current car

  • Outstanding balance on current car
  • Amount of savings that could be added to current car budget
  • Amount of loan (in pounds)
  • Term length (in months)

As the inputs are entered, and the sliders (for loan amount and term length) are adjusted, the results will automatically be generated directly below the calculator.

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