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The Banner Bank auto loan calculators enable applicants to determine the interest rate, payment and affordability of a vehicle. To get the exact rate the bank will use, the applicant will have to get in touch with the bank.

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Click here to apply in order to get the exact interest rate for an auto loan. Calculators can be used to get an estimate.


How to Calculate

This calculator helps you determine the most expensive car you can purchase based on the monthly payments. The amount will include the documentation fees and taxes.  You will be required to enter the following variables:

  • Highest monthly payment
  • Trade-in value
  • Down payment
  • Interest rate
  • Term of Loan

Check the “show payment schedule” box to view the payment schedule, then click “compute”.


This calculator helps you determine the interest rate and payments structure of a given amount of auto

loan.  You will be required to enter the variables below:

  • Purchase price
  • Payment amount
  • Down payment
  • Term of loan

You can view the payment schedule by clicking on the check-box below the calculator, then click “compute”.


If you have several loans including an auto loan, this tool will help you figure out whether consolidation is a good idea. You can consolidate up to 10 different loans with the tool. You are required to provide the type of loan, the

remaining amount, the monthly payments and remaining time of the loans you want to consolidate along with the following variables:

  • Loan type
  • Loan term
  • Interest rate
  • Points
  • Fees
  • Tax rate
  • Savings rate


Click “compute” to get the loan consolidation details.



Use the monthly payments calculator to determine the exact amount you will be paying monthly on your

fixed rate auto loan. Below are the variables you will need to fill in:

  • Purchase amount
  • Loan term
  • Down payment
  • Interest rate


Click compute to get a breakdown of the monthly payments. Use the check box to view payment schedules.


This calculator helps you to compare an auto loan to a home equity loan. You will be able to determine

which between the two is best for financing your car purchase.  Home equity loans are often a better option due to the lower interest rates that are tax deductible. Here are the variables you need to fill in:

  • Auto Loan
    • Pre-tax purchase price
    • Term of the loan
    • Cash down
    • Interest rate
    • Fees
    • Trade allowance
    • Sales tax rate
    • Amount owed on trade
  • Home Equity Loan
    • Closing costs
    • Interest rate
    • State tax rate
    • Federal tax rate

One can opt to view the payment schedules and a graph by checking the two boxes below the calculator. Click compute.


This calculator helps determine the amount one can afford to lease a vehicle for. Below are the variables

required for computation:

  • Lease rate
  • Payment amount
  • Residual amount
  • Term of the lease
  • Number of advance payments

Click compute to view the cost of leasing.

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