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 American Savings Bank auto loan calculators enable loan applicants to determine the implications of taking out a loan. This way, they can plan for repayments and avoid any unforeseen financial upheavals. You can learn more about ASB loan options here or visit a branch location.

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Loan rates vary from one applicant to the other based on several factors including their credit worthiness and their financial circumstances. You get a loan rate estimate here. To get the actual rate, you have to start the application process or call a loan expert at 1(808) 627-6900 or toll-free at 1(800) 272-2566.

ASB auto loan rates


How to Calculate

This calculator helps loan applicants to determine their monthly payments on their auto loan over the life of the loan. It also gives them the amortization schedule hence they are able to plan their finances better. The information listed below is required for computation.

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Monthly payment
  • Term in months

Click “Calculate” to view the amortization schedule of your auto loan.

If you own a home and want to purchase a vehicle, you can always use get a line of credit against your home. This calculator helps users determine how big a line of credit they can get. The variables listed below are needed for computation.

  • Your home’s appraised value
  • Value to loan ratio
  • Mortgages you owe

Click ‘Calculate’ to compute.




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